Trevethin Learning Centre Opens

Mar 2010
Health, Education, Voluntary Organisation and community activity facilities for the communities of St Cadocs and Penygarn are provided by this new facility which started on site in November 2008.

It is a beacon of regeneration through its innovative design and its programme of support for the work of the Community First Partnership and acts as an exemplar of current good practice in the use of sustainable methods of construction, materials and operation. It offers local people readily accessible opportunities to engage in more formal learning leading to accreditation, so that they will be better placed to secure initial employment, or to raise the value of their current employment. It also provides Sure Start facilities which support parents in the development of preparing their children for mainstream school at 4/5 years and comprises a Crèche with separate outdoor play area and adult classrooms together with ancillary office spaces.

The site is on a south-facing steeply sloping hillside. The roof forms a large horizontal plan and deep overhang and the rooms follow the contours of the site rising up in three separate levels with direct access to the exterior and ground at each level. The accommodation is along a single spine with vistas at each level, giving natural daylight and connection with the landscape. At the heart of the building is a small café/foyer acting as a social hub around which all movement is organised. The main entrance is such that all Visitors are directed to one main focal point from which all areas can be reached.